Oh My Blank! by Cindy

Had a discussion today with my kids about certain words and phrases that I’d rather they don’t say. It started because my son blurted out “Oh My God…watch this!” and then squirted his sister in the face with a water gun. I told him, “Please don’t say that. That’s like yelling up to God to have him stop what he’s doing and check you out. He’s busy up there! Let him do his thing and only call him like that when you really need him.” So my son then asked if it’s ok to say “Oh My Pants!” I said, “I guess so.”  Right? I mean, God’s smart…does he know that even though my son said Pants, he really meant God? Is that just as wrong? Nah…I’ll let that one slide.

But then he started asking about using other words in place of God like ” Oh My Balls”…and “Oh My Cans.” He meant it innocently, but c’mon!  I can’t let him go around saying that!  I told him to stick with Pants.  But then my older daughter asked “Why?  What’s wrong with cans?”  So I then had to explain how some people call breasts “cans”.  (OK, some people including me.)  So of course, the next question was from my son, “Well then is Oh My Boobies ok?”  Nope.  Sorry, son.

After another few minutes of inserting normal words into the phrase and having them sound just as dirty, I gave up.  If you hear a couple little kids blurting out “Oh My Sausage!” just please remember I tried.


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3 responses to “Oh My Blank! by Cindy

  • Ari

    If you could only see how hard i am laughing. What’s truly funny is my oldest says “What the (insert blank)” I have tried to get him to stop by he constantly says balls, and i am just laughing hysterically with the whole thing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • loserpies

    haha! Ari, I think balls is a universely funny word. Just say it…balls. Balls! haha! Balls.
    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Gebhart Ragavanis

    LOL! Yeah, when I saw the first sentence I thought, “Now how is she gonna pull that off with out inspiring a whole raft of inappropriate language?” Ian recently said, “awww, f*ck” in EXACTLY his father’s tone. I know for certain if I tell him not to he will become utterly fascinated and will try it out constantly. We are trying to ignore it (and never use that language ourselves, ahem, I am looking at you, husband!) and hope it goes away.

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