Good Morning… by Cindy

There’s something about getting up in the morning by your own free will that makes the day just a little bit better. Right now, I’m looking outside watching a deer eat some clover in the yard. Birds are chirping to their friends. Tea is steeping. I kinda feel rested.  I set my alarm – even though it’s Saturday – on purpose just so I could enjoy a couple fleeting minutes for myself.  Just for me, no one else.

An hour from now, my son will start calling down to me. This will most likely make the deer run away (his morning voice is kinda old-manish and loud for a 3 year old) and cause my daughter to also wake up.  They will both come downstairs and then fight over which TV show they should watch and then try to get me involved.  This is when I almost always bring up the fact that when I was a kid, there was ONE SHOW on at a time on Saturday morning and that was it!  And I hated the Thundercats!  But I watched it anyway, so they should be grateful for the million channels we have now and not fighting about it or I’ll turn the TV off and you won’t watch anything at all!!…..

Ok, so back to my lovely alone time with my pretty deer and birdies.  It’s wonderful to have just a few minutes to open the steam valve before the kids wake up. ..get out all the pent up thoughts about bathroom floor pee clean-up from yesterday, Big Time Rush songs, SPF 70, peanut butter sandwiches…get my brain to stop floating…reset for a new day.  It just helps.  Would I rather be sleeping?  Sleep does feel good.  But nah, I’d rather have these minutes awake in my thoughts.

I just noticed the deer is gone and I don’t hear any birds…their animal instinct must be working, cuz I think I hear something stirring upstairs.  Yup…there it is…MOMM-MMMY!!!


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